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What’s included in the
Author in the Making
editing package?

  • A free sample edit before you pay the deposit. This ensures you’re happy with my style of editing. 

  • Line Editing. Think of this as the flow of your prose. I get rid of the awkwardness and smooth it out, all the while keeping your writer’s voice intact. 

  • Copy Editing. This is where I focus on grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.  

  • Book formatting. When you get it back, it will look like an actual book. You can specify the size you’d like. 

  • A style sheet highlighting all the decisions made for your book.  It helps future editors stay consistent.

  • A 20+ page editorial report covering every aspect of your novel.

  • Dialogue

  • Viewpoint

  • Tense

  • Overwriting

  • Description

  • Filter words

  • Action Beats

  • Sentence length and rhythm

  • Repetition

  • Tentative language

  • Chapter endings

  • Etc.

  • Free resources tailored to you. These resources will help you improve your writing craft.

  • My Line-Copy-Listen approach to editing.

  • First, I edit for flow and readability. 

  • Second, I edit for grammar.

  • Third, I edit with my ears by listening to it out loud. 

  • This approach allows me to be very thorough.

Next Steps: 

Before I can sign you up for my editing program, I always do a free sample edit first. This ensures we're a good fit to work together.


You'll also get a sneak peek into my editing process. 

Once you submit your sample, you'll receive an email with a video explaining my entire process. 

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