Line Editing Package

Your story is finally ready.

You've done all the things: 
  • Self-edited so many times your eyes blur just thinking about it

  • Found a couple of beta readers to give you real feedback

  • Used grammar checking software like ProWritingAid or Grammarly

You know that sentence you just can't seem to get right?


I'll fix it. 

I'll help you smooth out the awkward phrasing and repetitive words that keep your story from flowing. 

My goal is to strengthen, tighten, and polish your novel so readers can enjoy it — and to help you, the writer, objectively see what's on the page and not the blanks you may have filled in your head without realizing it. 

What do you get? 

You'll get one-on-one guidance from a professional line editor and two read-throughs. One for the initial edit, and one for when you make your revisions. 

A detailed editorial report that includes: 

  • Bigger-picture observations​

  • Narrative analysis

  • Dialogue and thoughts analysis

  • Punctuation, grammar, and spelling evaluation with links to further learning

Line-by-line edits that fix:

  • Awkward phrasing​

  • Dialogue tags

  • Tone

  • Character trait inconsistency

  • Repetition and overwriting

  • Syntax

  • Told vs. Shown

  • Use of verb tense

A style sheet that records decisions based on: 

  • Hyphenation

  • Numbering

  • Capitalization

  • Spelling variations

  • Punctuation style


As an added bonus, I include light copyediting that addresses surface level grammar and punctuation. 

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How it works

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1. Free sample edit

You get 1,000 words edited for free, so you can decide if my editorial approach is the right fit for you and your book. 

Afterward, I will provide a quote for the entire project. 

2. Payment

A deposit is required to hold your spot in my calendar and is due upfront. I charge between $50–$100, depending on the length of your novel. I will apply this to the total once editing begins, otherwise deposits are nonrefundable. 

When it's time to edit your novel, 50 percent is due. The remaining will be due when I send the book back. 

I currently charge $0.014 per word (these prices will change, so act soon).

3. Turn around time

This is determined by your word count and my assessment done during your sample edit. But, I hope to have it back to you within two weeks of receiving it. 

Once you receive your edits, you'll have two weeks to implement the changes and return the manuscript back to me for one final read-through. 

My promise to you

I have no interest in rewriting your story. 

I just want to help you make it ready for readers, so when they buy it, they'll leave great reviews and recommend it to their friends. 


The enormity of writing a novel does not go unnoticed. If it's your first time, giving your book to an editor can feel like handing over your diary. 

I am not your judge, but your ally. 

Rest easy, I'm an Aquarius. We're the eclectic ones of the zodiac, and I have your back, no matter what you've put in your story. 


I am naturally a sensitive person, and this allows me to have empathy and compassion for you, as an author.


Genres I work with

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Horror
  • Romance
  • Action & Adventure


"I love to write, and Jenn has always been my go-to when I need a second pair of eyes. Writing is not a solo journey. Unless you have someone to make useful suggestions, how else will you ever improve? Jenn is not only honest and upfront, but she is thoughtful and will never make you feel you have no talent. She will point out your strengths and help you reach new heights. Her edits and suggestions are always on point! Couldn’t have asked for a better editor!"                                            ~ Kerrin Krainis


Yes! I'm in 

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Send me 1,000 words of your novel and I will edit it for free. 

Thank you! I'll be in touch.

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