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What's a Line Edit,
and Why Does Your Novel Need It?

Imagine we're curled up with a glass of wine, discussing our favorite reads.


Now, think about your novel. It's your baby, right?


Well, a line edit is like giving your baby that extra bit of love and care.

A Line Edit is about the heartbeat of your story.

It's about making sure your words dance off the page, your sentences sing, and your readers get lost in your world.

But it's not the same as a copy edit!

A copy edit handles the nitty-gritty stuff—spelling, punctuation, grammar, you know the drill.


A Line Edit takes a more artistic approach. It's about ensuring your words and sentences achieve what you set out to do, all while keeping your unique authorial voice intact.

The purpose?


To improve your writing while preserving your unique style.

It's like adding a touch of magic to your manuscript.

🖌️ When to Line Edit:

✒️ After your manuscript critique: Think of it as your story's second date—a deeper connection to refine the romance.

✒️ Before the copy edit: We're like the matchmaker, getting your manuscript ready for the big commitment.

📋 What's Included:


📃 One pass: I'll lovingly comb through your manuscript to elevate every sentence.

📝 A style sheet: It's like the secret language of your manuscript, helping us keep things consistent.

💌 An editorial letter: A heartfelt note from us, guiding you toward even greater storytelling heights.

Here's a taste of what a Line Edit includes:

✒️ Voice: We fine-tune your narrative voice, making it as distinct as your signature.

🗣️ Language: We dig deep into the language you've crafted, making sure it resonates with your readers.

📅 Tense: We keep an eagle eye on tense consistency, so your timeline flows smoothly.

👁️ Point of View: We ensure that your chosen point of view remains consistent and engaging.

🧐 Clarity and Readability: We make sure your story is crystal clear and utterly captivating.

🌪️ Filter Words: We weed out those filter words that distance readers from the action.

🤐 Filler Words: We trim the unnecessary filler words, so every sentence is packed with meaning.

💬 Word Choice: We help you select the perfect words to convey your vision effectively.

🎭 Show vs Tell: We guide you in finding the balance between showing and telling, to keep readers immersed.

💬 Awkward Dialogue: We smooth out dialogue to make conversations feel natural and authentic.

💥 Action Beats: We add action beats to invigorate scenes, making them more dynamic.

🏞️ Descriptive Tags: We enhance your descriptive tags, bringing your settings and characters to life.

And so much more!


It's about making every sentence count, every word resonate, and every page unforgettable.

Please note, we're all about fiction here, so we don't offer line editing for nonfiction.

Let's make your novel the best it can be, one line at a time.

Ready to infuse your writing with a touch of enchantment?

Let's embark on this journey together!

🔗 Click the link below to book your Line Edit today.


Your novel deserves to shine, and we're here to make it sparkle! 🌟📖🥂

$0.02 Per Word

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