Line Editing 

$0.014 per word

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Editorial Freelancer Association Prices

Line Editing: $.04–$.049/wd (Fiction) 

Here’s how my line editing package will help you:

First, I am going to help you finally gain confidence in your book. Every single sentence in your novel will be smoothed out for optimal readability and flow.


  • Are there too many adjectives, adverbs, filler words, and modifiers cluttering up your prose? I’ll help you sort them out so your words flow naturally.


  • Your readers will stay glued to your story once I help you streamline your dialogue and get rid of any awkwardness.


  • Say goodbye to repeated descriptions, passive voice, and ambiguous phrases.


  • Email support directly to me for ANY questions you may have during the editing process.


  • You will receive your edited manuscript back within two weeks with encouraging comments and suggestions.

Next, you will receive a separate, in-depth editorial report that provides SOLUTIONS specific to your book.


  • You will learn the WHY of my edits and what you can do NOW to improve your manuscript. Think of this report as a learning tool specific to you.


  • Access to a customized resource list of workbooks and training materials to help you IMPROVE your writing craft based on your unique strengths and struggles.


  • By the end of us working together, you will have everything you’ll need to make your book shine like a bestseller.

After that, you will have two weeks to implement your revisions, and to hand it back to me for one final read-through.


  • This is the time to ask questions that popped up while you were working through your revisions.


  • Once I receive your manuscript back, after your revisions, I’ll do one final read-through to ensure no additional mistakes were introduced.

With all that said, I’m ready to get you on my calendar.

Here’s how it will work...

To secure your spot on my calendar, I ask for a $100 deposit. This will apply to the final editing cost, unless you cancel, in which case it’s nonrefundable. This lets me know if you’re serious about putting in the work to create the best book possible.

Then we’ll pick a date that works for us both and get you scheduled!

A week or two before you hand over your manuscript, I will send you a contract to read over and sign. This is important because it lays out exactly what I’m providing and you’ll know what to expect.

On the day you email me your manuscript, payment is due before I will start editing.


There are two options for payments:

  1. Pay in full.

  2. Monthly payments.

    1. I can split up the total cost into a monthly payment that works for your budget.

Every project will be different, so having a flat rate is impossible. But, to give you an idea of what I charge, my rate is 0.015 per word. Just multiply my rate by how many words are in your book. That should give you an idea of how much the total cost will be.


I love to write, and Jenn has always been my go-to when I need a second pair of eyes. Writing is not a solo journey. Unless you have someone to make useful suggestions, how else will you ever improve? Jenn is not only honest and upfront, but she is thoughtful and will never make you feel you have no talent. She will point out your strengths and help you reach new heights. Her edits and suggestions are always on point! Couldn’t have asked for a better editor!

Kerrin Krainis, Ghost Writer

As a newly published author, I’ve learned in hindsight that having your work professionally edited is critical for the success of your book. Jenn is a consummate professional, super friendly, very patient, and man oh man, does she know her stuff. She made my novel 1000 times better, and we had some wonderful humor back and forth between our comments during editing as well. She was flexible in her payment plan, which made a huge difference to me, very thorough with explanations, offered great re-writes where appropriate, and compliments where she liked something done well. If you want a great person, with incredible experience, who is pleasant, professional and immeasurably helpful in getting your book edited, talk to Jenn.

Brian Bowers, Author of The Galactic Adventures Series: Unexpected Heroes