I Help Fiction Authors Sell More Books With Great Editing

Are you nervous about working
with an editor?

I totally get it! 

It's a big step hiring an editor and handing over your book is scary. 

But I got your back. 

I want nothing more than to help you create the best version of your book. That's why I've been studying the craft for over a decade. 

As a writer, your job is to tell stories. 

As an editor, my job is to help you: 

  • Publish a novel that's ready for readers

  • Tighten up sentences so they stand out

  • Fix all the pesky grammar issues, but keep your voice intact 

I have no interest in rewriting your story. My only interest is to help you craft the best damn book possible. 

An athlete doesn't get to the Olympics by herself. She has an entire team dedicated to her success. 

A musician doesn't top the charts alone. He has producers, managers, and coaches to help him along the way. 

Think of me as your grammar and stylistic coach.

My promise to you: 

  • I am not your judge, but your ALLY 

  • I only want to help you craft the best book possible for readers

  • I am a sensitive person, so I understand how to convey constructive criticism in a way that’s kind and gentle

If your novel is not a good fit for my services I will let you know and refer you to a colleague. No hard feelings. 


Sample Edit

I'll edit 1,000 words for free to see if we would be a good fit and for you to decide if you like my editing style.

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Full Copy & Line Edit

Do you have a manuscript ready for editing? Then let's work together to craft the best book possible. 

My name is Jennifer.


Editor, Writer & Book Lover

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I started Treehouse Editing because it's been my lifelong passion to work with books. 

As a child, reading and writing helped me cope with my childhood trauma in a way that was healthy and emotionally fulfilling

It is my goal to help authors bring more stories into the world.