Hi! I'm Jenn. 

I help authors feel more confident with professional line editing.

  • A step-by-step framework on self-editing

  • How to approach your book objectively

  • Why it's important to do a cold read of your book

  • How to create a Manuscript Blueprint 

  • Actionable steps on how to fix the problem areas of your story

  • Character development worksheet

  • Stakes development worksheet

  • Plot development worksheet


"I love to write, and Jenn has always been my go-to when I need a second pair of eyes. Writing is not a solo journey. Unless you have someone to make useful suggestions, how else will you ever improve? Jenn is not only honest and upfront, but she is thoughtful and will never make you feel you have no talent. She will point out your strengths and help you reach new heights. Her edits and suggestions are always on point! Couldn’t have asked for a better editor!" 


Kerrin Krainis


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