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I help you clean up your sentences.

Editor. Writer. Reader.

What does working with me look like?


Initial Connection and Getting Started

Step 1: Magic Touch - Sample Edit and Video Love (Try Before You Buy): Dive into the writing wonderland with a sample edit and a cozy Loom video. I'll sprinkle some magic on your words and guide you through the edits. It's like a first date for your manuscript – see if the sparks fly!


Step 2: Let's Officially Team Up - Onboarding Form and Project Plans (Let’s Get Organized): When you're ready to take our relationship to the next level, I’ll slide over an onboarding questionnaire. I’ll craft a project proposal covering everything from start dates to payment vibes.


Bringing Your Story to Life

Step 3: Celebration Time - Welcome Surprise and Countdown (Ready, Set, Edit!): Once we've sealed the deal, get ready for a little celebration in your inbox – a welcome gift to kick off the excitement. And just to make sure you’re as hyped as I am, a friendly reminder email will drop as we approach our project playdate.

Step 4: Let's Chat - Zooming In for Laughs and Edit Bliss (Our Edit Fiesta): Grab your favorite drink because it's Zoom time! We'll chat, laugh, and dive deep into your literary world for a cozy 1-hour session. Then, armed with our plan, I'll bring the editing magic to your words, sticking to our schedule.


Wrapping Up and Beyond

Step 5: Keep the Spark Alive - Updates and Manuscript Delivery (Progress Cheers): Throughout our editing adventure, I’ll keep you in the loop with regular progress updates. And when the dust settles, get ready for the big reveal – your beautifully polished manuscript!


Step 6: The Grand Finale - Proofreading Party and Forever Support (Happy Ever After): We'll schedule a proofread, and I’m here for anything you need afterward – whether it's questions, support, or just a friendly chat about your literary escapades. Let’s make your story shine!

My name is Jennifer Lynne and I'm a Line Editor

Your story's got the bones – characters, plot, and stakes all dancing harmoniously – but let's talk about those sentences.

Your prose might be doing a little dance of its own, and I'm here to help it find its rhythm. It's like decluttering your writing closet, trimming off excess fluff, and getting rid of those pesky filler words. Ever heard of filter words? Don't worry, I'll break it down for you.

I get it – the idea of going back and tweaking paragraphs triggers anxiety. But fear not, we'll tackle those redundancies and sprinkle some clarity magic. Tense trouble? We'll smooth that out too, even if you think it's okay but deep down, it's doing the cha-cha.

Dialogue making you cringe? Action beats and descriptive tags causing confusion? I've got your back. I'll not only fix them but also give you the lowdown on what they are.


So, your next book? Piece of cake to edit. 😉

Now, line edits typically follow a developmental edit, but hey, I've got clients who skip that step. They love their story structure and just want those sentences to sparkle. 

Your story's already a gem; let's make it shine brighter. I throw in a light copyedit with my line edits and a separate proofread after your revisions. Three for the price of one – call it a sweet deal.

Might sound crazy, but I believe in affordable editing.


Plus, I genuinely love what I do, and darn it, I'm good at it.

Ready for the next chapter?


Fill out my questionnaire and let's get you a free sample edit – no strings attached.

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