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Line Editing                          $0.02 per word

A Line Edit is about the heartbeat of your story.​ It's about making sure your words dance off the page, your sentences sing, and your readers get lost in your world. 


A Line Edit takes a more artistic approach. It's about ensuring your words and sentences achieve what you set out to do, all while keeping your unique authorial voice intact.

The purpose?


To improve your writing while preserving your unique style.

It's like adding a touch of magic to your manuscript.

What's Included:

Free Welcome Gift: Your choice awaits at to kick-start our writing journey.

One Line Edit Pass: Crafting sentences to perfection.

One Proofread Pass: Scheduled for later, ensuring every detail is impeccable.

Style Sheet: For that consistent touch that elevates your manuscript.

Editorial Report: Personalized insights to help you grow as a writer.

1-Hour Zoom Session: Let's chat face-to-face about your writing goals.

What do I look at during a line edit? 


I'll fine-tune your narrative voice, making it as distinct as your signature.


I'll dig deep into the language you've crafted, making sure it resonates with your readers.


I will keep an eagle eye on tense consistency, so your timeline flows smoothly.

Point of View

I'll ensure that your chosen point of view remains consistent and engaging.

Awkward Dialogue

I'll smooth out dialogue to make conversations feel natural and authentic.

Descriptive Tags

I'll enhance your descriptive tags, bringing your settings and characters to life.

Filler Words

I'll trim the unnecessary filler words, so every sentence is packed with meaning.

Word Choice

I'll help you select the perfect words to convey your vision effectively.

Show vs. Tell

I'll guide you in finding the balance between showing and telling, to keep readers immersed.

Clarity and Readability

I'll make sure your story is crystal clear and utterly captivating.

Action Beats

I'll add action beats to invigorate scenes, making them more dynamic.

What Authors Are Saying...

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Brian Bowers Photo.webp

Brian Bowers, Author of the Galactic Adventure Series: Unexpected Heroes

"Thanks for doing this so quick and for being such a great editor. I love working with you!"
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